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Social Selling V: Writing High-Converting LinkedIn Prospecting Messages

Communication is key in the world of sales. Being clear and concise can help you successfully onboard prospects and new clients. Using effective communication to connect with customers and deliver your message is an important part of any social selling strategy.

One of the most common mistakes that we see salespeople making is the lack of variety and engaging content. Unfortunately, many business owners and sales professionals tend to treat LinkedIn messaging the same way they would cold emailing. They copy and paste the same style of content of an email in their LinkedIn messages and expect great results.

This blog is targeted at sharing our knowledge and what we have learned in our years of generating quality leads for businesses. So, expand your knowledge base and know how you can get creative with your prospecting through LinkedIn messages.

Tips on Writing Effective LinkedIn Messages

· Open Up Your Argument with a Bang

You want your prospect to fall for your outreach message hook, line and sinker. To achieve that, you need to be extremely clear in your words and interesting enough to catch the attention of the reader. The first few sentences of your messages are what either reel in a prospect or turn them away. The skill that you need here is to adapt to the situation and context. Work on the hooks of your message requests. Your messages should be personalized according to the person so that it is effective in grabbing their interest.

The message you send should be concise, clear, and grab the attention of the reader in the first couple of lines. As people get multiple messages in a day so you need to stand out from the competition while being very clear of your main message. Distinguish yourself from the others by letting your personality shine through the message.

Tip: If you are writing for a B2B lead generation outreach connection request then start it off in a way that is professional, engaging and how you can add value to their lives.

For example: “Hey (first name), I like the work (company name) is doing in the IT industry, and wanted to connect to learn more about you.

I am dedicated to sharing important and relevant resources and insights to my network that can help them propel their companies forward. Feel free to reach out if you are interested. – (Your name)

· The Shorter the Message, the Better It Is

Dragging the messages with unnecessary information and details is only going to bore your prospect. They will either stop reading in the middle or lose complete interest.

It is always better to have your messages be short and to the point. It should not be a sales pitch that they have heard a million times before. Do not treat it as a way of making a sale because then you are not sincere. Instead, think of your message as a way to make a connection that can later lead on to a sale. These messages play a great role in convincing the prospect that they should connect with you and that you can add value to their life in some way or another.

For example: Hi (name), I hope you are well. I found your profile through a (mutual group) and your approach to (their industry) really intrigued me. I am interested to connect with you to further discuss my own point of view as well to elaborate on the points you shared. – (Your name)

· Follow Up on the Lead

There are some salespeople who may overlook the importance of following up prospects for lead generation and successful conversions. Even if you were successful to get a client interested but for weeks you do not connect with them again to follow up on their purchase decisions, you are most definitely going to lose them.

In sales, communication is key to making or losing a sale. A little bit of flattery goes a long way. When you appreciate someone taking their time out to talk to you or the work that they do. They are likely to respond to you. The flattery should be based on some tangible evidence and not just done for the sake of flattering a person. A simple message to ask for updates without making the prospect feel burdened or pressured is sometimes enough of a follow up. With you taking the initiative to reach out, the prospect can also feel comfortable asking you any questions that they have about the product or service.


LinkedIn messages, when done right, can play a great role in converting potential prospects to loyal clients and customers. Through effective communication you can strengthen your relationship with prospects and also expand your list of potential prospects. As a salesperson, you cannot ignore this important tool to elevate the quality and success of your outreach strategy.

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