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Why You Need To Sell Benefits Not Features

Product owners have to go beyond simply selling products; they have to sell what their product will allow customers to do. If they are unable to achieve that then one can easily identify their inexperience.

As a salesperson, you must know how to approach your prospects when selling a product or service. Many make the mistake of going on and on about the features that the product has but fail to explain how those features will benefit the end-user. The trick is to sell the benefits, not the features. People are interested in knowing how your product can help make their life better. They care more about whether it can resolve their pain points and help them achieve their goals.

This blog will help you build an understanding of how you can ensure effective and successful sales by changing up your approach.

Engage With Your Audience In Their Language

The audience is at the core of your sales strategy. When selling a product to a customer, you first need to know about its basic characteristics and pain points. Doing market research and understanding the target audience helps you map out your sales tactics and approach. Once you have the relevant information you can start integrating the audience’s language to showcase the product or service to them better. Spell out the benefits of your product or service for the audience so they do not have to struggle to find it themselves. When you do not make it easy for customers to have access to information about your product or service, they tend to lose interest.

Engaging the emotions of your prospects by telling them how the product can be a great addition to their life and bring about positive changes for them is a great sales tactic. This will help build an emotional connection with your audience and make them your brand ambassadors.

Answer The Critical Question: ‘What’s In It For Me?’

Before engaging with a potential customer to sell them your product, first understand what big problem you are trying to solve. If you are trying to sell a great state-of-the-art bed, people will not be interested in it much. This is because what people want is not a great-looking bed but rather one which guarantees them a good night’s sleep. So as a salesperson you want to tap into the potential of the product and describe to the prospect what the product can do for them.

The key in sales is to know what the product can do to make customers’ lives better, convenient, and more productive. Many believe if their products are jam-packed with features, they are doing it right. However, they are not just doing it wrong, but they are doing it horribly wrong. There is no point in having a bunch of features in your product if they do not serve any purpose to the user. The best way to go about it is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself the same question; ‘what’s in it for me?’

Convert Your Features Into Benefits

It is indeed better to pitch the benefits of the product than simply listing out its features. This is because people may not care about how many MBs of space your gadget allows or what specific material the product is made out of. The real skill is taking those features and turning them into benefits. Tell the audience how that specific material used in the technology will allow for better picture quality or how the fabric used in the beddings is bound to elevate their sleeping standards.

Something to understand here is that giving information about the features is not wrong but the art is transforming them into hard-core practical benefits. Explain to the audience how the product will benefit them in the short-term or long term. Every company wants to make more money and reduce its costs. If your product can enable the user to achieve just that you need to highlight it to them. Be specific about how the feature can allow them to address their pain points and get the results that they require. This can play a vital role in helping you successfully pitch the product to your target audience.


One thing to keep in mind when working in sales is not only to know the features of the product you are trying to sell but also to understand how that product can benefit the buyer. Convincing people to buy a product is not easy. This is why salespeople need to research their target audience to know their problems and how to portray the product or service as a solution to them. Explaining the benefits that the features provided to the user are a guaranteed way to build interest in the mind of the prospect and influence their purchase decisions.

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