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The do's and don'ts of SaaS Sales

1. Being cheesy or too salesy

The typical image of the call center agent is exactly what we do NOT want. Do not be cheesy, do not be pushy, do not try to ‘hard sell’ because it does not work in software sales. Sound natural instead!

2. Making a fake accent

Never make a fake accent. Instead please focus on improving your pronunciation better because that will help you more in the long run!

3. Saying sir and madam

You need to position yourself as an EQUAL to the person you are calling, so do NOT call them sir or madam. Because of your call center background it might be tempting to say sir/madam but please never do this!

4. Not using first names and saying 'mister' or 'miss'

Do NOT call anyone mister or miss or. Again: you are equal to the person you are calling so no need for titles like mister. Simply use FIRST NAMES only.

5. Asking “how are you doing today?” in a cheesy manner

There is no point in asking this; everyone is BUSY and they don’t really have time for small talk so just get straight to the point instead of WASTING TIME. In short: stop asking how the person is doing and get to the point!

6. Not being relevant

If you are calling an apparel manufacturer talk about clothes; if you are calling a hotel give examples of other hotels; if you are calling an online store do NOT give examples of restaurants - be relevant to the business you are calling! Show them you know at least a little bit about their business/industry.

7. Introduction

Your introduction of the company you are calling on behalf of needs to be solid! Always include a punchline, for example ‘we help’: “I’m calling from ABC, were the ones that help employees avoid payday loans” or “I’m calling from XYZ, we help connect manufacturers with buyers from North America and Europe”.

8. Not asking questions

This is the most important point on this list. Please always ASK the prospect questions whether you are setting appointments or conducting a demo or doing customer success. It is important to get to know the customer and also to give them an opportunity to talk!

9. Not listening

LISTEN to what the person is saying. Often a customer will ask a question about X but you will reply about Y, please do not do this. Listen carefully to whatever the customer says, listen carefully to what he asks and then try to respond to that. If you don’t know the answer it’s totally fine: just say you will get back to them!

10. Cutting off the customer

Do not cut off the customer. Wait till they finish their sentence. If the customer is talking too much it can be tempting to just cut them off but this is considered very rude. Let them finish their sentence and then respond!

11. Not proactively suggesting specific date and time for appointment (or followup)

Whether you are setting an appointment, onboarding someone or doing a demo ALWAYS suggest a fixed date and time yourself to follow up. Do NOT leave it up to the customer by saying “whenever you have time” or “sometime next week”. The sooner the followup the better, try for the same day or next day if possible!

12. Not being ready for the appointment (not expecting a yes)

Always be prepared for a positive outcome. If the customer agrees for an appointment you should know what to do next. Often in calls a lot of time is wasted because you are not ready and need to check calendars and timezones. Use an app for this or just Google it while on call!

13. Taking too long at the end of the conversation by repeating things

Once you have gotten success do not waste time at the end of the call by repeating things. Simply do a quick recap in ONE sentence and end the call. For example: “Great! I am sending you a calendar invite, let’s talk on Tuesday at 10 o'clock”.

14. “Wednesday” pronunciation

It’s pronounced “Wensday” NOT “Wed-nes-day”!

15. Start with English

Sometimes you might be assigned to a market where English is not preferred. Please ALWAYS start the conversation in English and ONLY if the customer wants, switch to a different language. Do NOT start in a different language yourself, stick to English!

16. Be respectful

Always be respectful in ALL your communication with customers. If a prospect is being disrespectful in any way just be patient and politely end the call. Do NOT get into arguments.

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