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  • Hina Ejaz

Email Prospecting IV: Steps to Personalizing Your Cold Sales Email

Have you been stuck in a loop of writing and sending out enormous amounts of emails to potential prospects but coming up empty-handed? Every sales representative has to go through this tiring process of sending out cold emails to their prospects without an assurance of its success.

We are here to tell you of a way to increase the chances of getting a response back from your prospects. The answer to your problem is ‘Personalization’. Clients and prospects appreciate when the sales representative does their research when they reach out to them. This effort can be seen through the approach that they take in their emails and the content itself.

The basic process of personalization deals with three common things:

  • Compliments

  • Commonalities

  • Questions

Through finding the commonalities that you share with the prospect, whether it be hobbies, interests or experiences, you already have separated yourself from the pack of salespeople who are vying for the prospects attention with the same basic template emails from the internet.

This blog will help you understand how to tackle personalization for your prospecting emails.

5 Steps For Personalizing Emails

Get Familiar

The most basic form of personalization is addressing your prospect with their name. It may seem simple but using a name can strengthen your prospect email when scaling.

It is basic human psychology to pay more attention when someone says your name. We tend to focus more and engage with content when it has our name in it. However, make sure you do not fill your email with their name just to try to keep their attention but rather use it sparingly at appropriate places.

Tip: Add your prospect’s name in the email subject line for high open rates and click-through rates (CTR).

Use Mutual Connections To Your Advantage

When you send mass emails to your prospect list without personalizing them, there is a great chance that they are not going to be opened, or worse deleted. When you mindlessly suggest any deal or product to your prospect, they are not going to value your recommendation. The game is completely different when you highlight a mutual connection though.

When people are recommended products or services by someone they know or are familiar with, they are more inclined to try it out. This is why mentioning a mutual connection can help you convince the prospect to be more open to trying out what you are offering them.

Tip: You can mention the name of the connection in the subject line and how you know them in the email body.

Focus On the Buyer Persona

Before you start contacting the prospect, it is important to know what their buyer persona is. You have to align the content of your emails to tier buyer personas. The best way to do this is to get your list of prospects and group them according to their profiles,companies, pain points and priorities. These categories will help you keep your cold email prospecting not only personalized but also keep them organized.

If your prospects share a common pain point, you can craft an email on how your product or service will solve their problems. When you address all those commonalities and personas with your crafted emails, you can send them at scale.

Tip: When personalizing your emails around buyer personas it is important that you understand the needs and pain points of your varying buyer personas to address them appropriately and successfully.

Personalize Your Email WIth Compliments

People appreciate it when they are complimented. Keep an eye out for your prospects' achievements and track their progress. When they achieve a milestone, win an award, start a blog or become a leader in their field, sending them an email congratulating them and appreciating their work will do wonders about their perception of you.

Showering your prospect with compliments that are targeted and appropriately placed will raise the level of your cold email in the prospect’s eyes. You have to be careful though that you do not sound too insincere or overwhelmingly generous with your compliments.

When prospects read your email that praises them on their success or work, they immediately take a liking to you and are more likely to reply to your email.

Tip: Address a specific work or milestone that the prospect has been involved in to show that you are interested in their work and tell them how you thought they did a great job at it.

Address Prospects’ Interests In Your Email

People like to discuss their likes and interests when they find someone who shares the same interests as them. By highlighting the interests of the prospect in the email you ensure that you have captured their attention.

But you may be wondering, how can one know the personal interests of a prospect? Well, the answer can be found in their social media profiles. Browsing through the posts and social media profiles, one gets a fair idea of what the prospect likes. These likes can vary from prospect to prospect, and when you mention them in your emails, it shows that you have taken the time to get to know them.

Tip: Highlighting the personal interest of the prospects in your personalized email helps you make a great first impression. Also, mentioning things that they may dislike can also help you bond with the prospect and increase your chances of getting a response back.


There are hundreds and thousands of cold emails that are sent every day to potential prospects. It is necessary for you as a salesperson to make sure that you stand out from the crowd with your highly personalized and targeted emails that are bound to raise your prospects’ interests. By personalizing the email, you let the prospect know that it has been specifically addressed to them. This technique increases the likelihood of your emails getting replies and obtaining increased CTR.


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